Author: Roy Ramthun

“Mr. HSA” Finalizes 2023 HSA Projections — Biggest Changes Since Program Began

As many of you know, I track the data needed to make inflation adjustments for Health Savings Accounts from one year to the next. I have accurately predicted the annual adjustments by the Internal Revenue Service for the past 16 years. With the April 12 release of the March inflation figures by the Bureau of […]

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Weekly HSA News – April 4, 2022

News from Washington Biden Unveils $5.8 Trillion Budget Proposal with Tax Hikes, Spending Boosts President Biden unveiled ambitious proposals to reduce the nation’s deficit over the next decade with tax hikes targeting the wealthy, while outlining boosts for military and domestic programs as part of a $5.8 trillion plan to fund the government for fiscal 2023. […]

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Weekly HSA News – March 21, 2022

News from Washington Biden Signs $1.5 Trillion Government Funding Bill With Ukraine Aid President Biden has signed into law a sweeping $1.5 trillion bill that funds the government through September and provides billions in assistance for Ukraine amid the Russian invasion. After months of negotiations, the final text of the funding bill was introduced just last […]

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