HSA Consulting Services Acquires Access Point HSA, Boosts Training and Consulting Capabilities

HOUSTON, Texas, Dec. 1, 2022 – HSA Consulting Services, LLC, the nation’s premier consulting firm for tax-advantaged healthcare accounts and developer of the HSA Expert Certification training and designation (HSAe) program, has acquired Access Point HSA, LLC which develops and markets the nationally-recognized training and designation program Certified Health Savings Adviser (CHSA®).  The CHSA training program is designed to help support professionals in the investment, insurance brokerage and human resources fields manage and master the HSA.  It serves a different market segment and expands upon our long-standing “HSA Expert” training program serving banks and HSA administrators through our exclusive partnership with the American Bankers Association (ABA).

The acquisition will enable HSA Consulting Services to expand its consulting and training programs to provide financial advisors and employee benefit professionals with the knowledge and support required to take full advantage of the rapidly growing consumer-directed healthcare and HSA marketplaces — for the benefit of their clients as well as their own practices.

As inflation and healthcare costs continue to rise, more consumers are looking to take advantage of HSAs to help pay their out-of-pocket costs.  Morningstar’s 2022 Health Savings Account Landscape found the HSA market has grown at a 31% annual rate over the past 15 years; however, only one-third of privately insured Americans have access to an HSA, according to a recent report from Devenir.  Despite their rapid uptake, there’s still widespread confusion about consumer-directed healthcare accounts among consumers, employers, third-party administrators, and financial advisers. As a result, significant tax savings and revenue available to the different stakeholders via the use of these accounts goes unrealized.

“Many families are leaving money on the table, especially during open enrollment season, because they don’t understand the power of these accounts,” said Roy Ramthun, Founder and President of HSA Consulting Services.  “Our goal is to help financial and benefit professionals obtain the information they need to best advise their clients how to take advantage of the full benefits of consumer-directed healthcare accounts, especially HSAs.”

“It has been my honor to build Access Point HSA to make a significant positive impact on the HSA industry through our tools, training and education,” said Matt Clarkin, Co-Founder and President of Access Point HSA.  “We have empowered investment and employee benefit professionals to appreciate and promote the power of the HSA in short and long term advantages for their clients.  I am confident the top-notch team at HSA Consulting Services will accelerate the momentum Access Point HSA has begun.”

About HSA Consulting Services

HSA Consulting Services is comprised of industry veterans who are experts in consumer-directed healthcare (CDH) and HSAs. The firm uses its wealth of expertise to provide invaluable assistance to a wide range of clients, including banks, fintech, TPAs, benefits administration, and investment services companies.  We help our clients develop and refine products and services, define target markets and sales strategies, set pricing, formulate sales strategies and initiatives, and grow their business.

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SOURCE:  HSA Consulting Services