Weekly HSA News – July 8, 2024

Expanding Pre-Deductible Coverage in HSAs Boosts Adherence to Certain Medications
Patients with certain chronic conditions increased medication adherence when enrolled in HSA-qualified plans with pre-deductible coverage, a new study from EBRI found. Although the increases were relatively small, adherence rates already were relatively high, averaging 77% to 89% for most medications.   Read More

Which Medicare Premiums Are Qualified for Tax-Free Reimbursement from Your HSA?
You can reimburse some, but not all, Medicare-related premiums tax-free with funds from your HSA. Premiums for traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans qualify but not Medicare supplement plans. There’s a catch, however. You can’t reimburse any Medicare premium tax-free until you, the account owner, turn age 65. Read More

Medical Stop-Loss Report Shows Rising Frequency of Claims Above $200K Deductible
Self-insured employers are experiencing an increase in the frequency of medical stop loss claims in 2023, with neoplasms remaining the top diagnosis and specialty cancer treatments significantly driving up costs, according to a new report. The annual report notes the frequency of medical stop loss claims increased 39% from 2022.   Read More
Wellness Execs Pitch Their Industry to Address Chronic Disease
Executives from more than a dozen top wellness and fitness companies are launching a new coalition aimed at reframing the way chronic diseases are addressed in public policy.   Read More
I Dare You to Find Me a Retirement Account That Has More Benefits Than This One
If there’s one retirement account I think it’s worth paying attention to, it’s a Health Savings Account. While HSAs are technically meant to be used for medical spending, they can double as a retirement account easily. And you may want to open one for the massive tax savings involved. HSAs offer all of the benefits of traditional and Roth plans in one.   Read More
I Tried the Unique Costco Telehealth Member Benefit to Save on Healthcare. Here’s What Happened.
Costco now gives members special prices on access to a telehealth platform called Sesame. With Sesame, you can get convenient medical care online or in-person. I recently tried Sesame for the first time. Here are a few highlights and insights from what happened when I used my Costco membership for online healthcare with Sesame.   Read More
Insurance Wouldn’t Pay for His Vasectomy. Such Birth Control Coverage May Become More Elusive.
David Engler was considering getting a vasectomy. A representative with his insurer told him the procedure would be free because it was a form of birth control. But after having the vasectomy last winter, he received a bill for $1,080. Engler filed and lost multiple appeals and eventually settled the charge for $540.   Read More