Author: Paul Verberne

Itamar Romanini joins HSA Consulting Services team

Roy Ramthun and Paul Verberne from HSA Consulting Services welcome Itamar Romanini as their new partner. Itamar brings over 20 years of industry experience in the HSA and CDH space, ranging from operations and technology, to strategy, sales and marketing. This addition expands the scope of capabilities from HSA Consulting Services, which has been focused […]

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“Mr. HSA” comments on “testing period” rule

Roy recently commented on an article from around IRA transfers into HSAs. He said: “Clients who don’t expect to remain on a high-deductible health plan much longer, intend to job hop, or enroll in Medicare shortly may get bitten badly by the IRS if they make this move. That’s because when assets transfer from […]

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